Personal study and Application

As I write this it has been over 10 years since my CRASH.  I have discovered that my life will continue to be a life of discipline and perseverance as I continue on this Road to Recovery.  I am still chemically sensitive, electrically sensitive and I have to watch carefully where I go, what I do and what I eat.  I have to keep the candida in check at all times and I still do parasite cleanses on occasion.  I continue with my enemas (coffee and just water) and I have to remain on my strict diet and nutrition.  I currently am experimenting with a detoxing protocol (body soaks) that has been very interesting to say the least. And, I am using muscle testing on a regular basis.

Has it been worth all the hard work?  Yes!  I would hope that you, too, are determined to beat whatever life has thrown at you.


UPDATE:  This Road to Recovery is ever progressing.  It has now been 12 1/2 years down this road and I am excited to announce that I am no longer electrically sensitive.  During the last two and a half years of detoxifying my body I have not been able to spend much time in front of the computer.  Thank God, that has changed.  Muscle testing indicates that since I have been sucessful in ridding my body of the unwanted copper I am no longer electrically sensitive and computer work is no longer difficult for me.  Just a couple of months ago I could spend only half an hour in front of the computer.  Now I can spend an hour and a half without consequences.  And, that is a good thing because presently I am needing to journal Shannon's Road to Recovery and that, of course, takes time in front of the computer.

I am also happy to announce that my body has not required an enema for almost 5 months.  My body is still detoxifying, but all I need to do to help it 'push' out the toxins that are turning loose is epsom salt baths and massages.

I am still chemically sensitive but parasite cleanses and candida remedies are not in my agenda at present.  The body soaks were VERY effective in 'pulling' out the toxins, so much so  that I haven't done one of them in over a year, yet my body continues to slough off unwanted toxins.